3D Kiosk

Easy to use application for showing 3D objects

3D Kiosk works on touch-screens which makes the 3D content easily accessible for users.
Interactive screen enables to browse, zoom and rotate 3D objects without using joystick, mouse or keyboard.

The solution is customisable, based on open standards and independent from hardware platform.

3D KIOSK is designed for showrooms, museums, boutiques, galleries, shops and tourism sites for visualising any objects in high quality interactive 3D.

3D format is visually more attractive and realistic than photographs or drawings because it allows to see objects from different angles.

The solution runs on full-screen and also supports multi-touch monitors.

Allows to

  • display large objects or structures
  • display small objects with minor details
  • display complete catalogue of products in stores and showrooms
  • show museum exhibits which are no longer available
  • expand the exhibition when space is limited
  • show attractions and locations
  • create interactive exhibitions with no need for the transportation of heavy, large or expensive items or artwork
  • improve the visitor experience

Independent from hardware

Customers can choose their favorite kiosk models as long as the minimum requirements are met. The solution is dependent of a proper graphics card and the 3D content is best observable with the touch-screens larger than 19”.

Content creation

3D models for the solution can be produced using 3D software packages based on pictures, drawings or point cloud from laser scanning. Content can also be imported from other 3D solutions.

Supported formats

  • 3D formats: .obj, .skp, .3ds, .dae
  • picture formats: .jpeg, .png, .dds, .tga